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Education then and now

June 2, 2011

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For decades, the idea of education in Singapore was an ink-and-paper task. Now, young children are learning and meddling with handheld tacky gadgets in the streets. Education in the past has been mainly rote learning. Now, it is mostly replaced with more creative strides of activities and projects as performance indicators to be reflected in report cards. Is Singapore becoming globalised in its orientation in education? Here, the questions we should have are if we have moved on with the global education perspective; or are we still struggling with the ink-and-paper mentality while trying to inculcate the young with a global mentality? There is definitely a place for ink-and-paper task with the exception of it as the only benchmark for success in life and a badge to a guaranteed good future.

Global education is not just a hot topic in town but also in the other towns. Its growing significance brings a subtle yet impactful message across to public about the perspective on global education and the need for contemporary people to live and interact in this closely knitted world as globalisation has increasingly interconnected us. Learning spans across the globe, uninhibited by the vast ocean. Learning is just about a mouse-click away. In other words, learning is limitless and incomprehensible. The idea of education has gone beyond a student learning from a teacher, it has moved to learning from any one on the web. Now that education has globalised, what would you like for your children to grow in Singapore?

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